Meowth900’s Favorite Summer 2017 Anime (With the Subs)

Hello people this is meowth900 here coming at you with my favorite anime from summer 2017. This is way late into the season but I’m doing it anyways, because I have fully established my favorites from my non favorites. The list will be small compared to last season.

Anime I Wanted To Watch But Can’t Because Of Corporate Overlord Interference
Ok so this is going first because these 2 guys have kidnapped almost all the anime I wanted to check out this season.

Netflix has been in the anime game before but they only grab like one or two shows a season. The one below however is a bigger culprit of kidnapping. So let’s go over the shows that were grabbed that I am very sad that I haven’t been watching.


This was a gambling anime and I haven’t saw one of those before. I was going to check out a few episodes and see if it was for me or not for me. Unfortunately Netflix got it so even if I did check it out to see if it was for me I have to wait until 2018 when all the episodes are out. I’m hoping the dub is good. But I am sad that I won’t be able to check this one out.

Fate Apocrypha

This is a new Fate show and I haven’t watched a Fate show since I binge watched Unlimited Blade Works. This one looks like it could be cool because there’s no Rin or Shirou Emiya anywhere so I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately Netflix got this one so I have to wait til November to check out the first 13 episodes to see if it’s for me or not. I’m hoping they put out a dub at the same time as the sub like they did for Little Witch Academia but I’m not sure if they will since they’re putting it out this early and it’s suppose to be a two arcs (or cour) show.

Welcome To The Ballroom

Oh this one hurts. It hurts a lot! I do love Haikyu a lot and this show features a lot of the same team from the Haikyu anime. It features a boy with no direction in life looking for a purpose. He finds it in dancing! I saw the first episode on Twitch and I really love it. Unfortunately this is in an even worse place because it’s on Amazon Anime Strike. For those who still don’t know what this is it’s basically a channel on Amazon, sort of like HBO or Showtime. So you would need to pay for Prime and then pay for Anime Strike just to watch this awesome show. So basically I can’t watch this at all and I feel very sad. Plus I think the home video licensor is Ponycanyon and they’re about as expensive as Aniplex. The only work around that I have done recently is borrowing the manga from the library system and it has been a good read with great artwork.


This isn’t as painful as Ballroom because I was just going to use this as the pretty boy anime show. It’s about a guy learning how to be professional diver and the team wants to make it to the Olympics. Unfortunately this one is on Amazon Anime Strike so I can’t watch it.
Made In Abyss

This one has been getting a lot of praise and I would love to tell everybody to watch it. It’s almost like Etrian Odyssey a videogame series became an anime. There’s basically a really big abyss and a girl wants to go explore it. She runs into a robot boy and then the 2 of them decide to explore the abyss together. I heard from manga readers that it gets very gruesome. Oh that sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well unfortunately you’ll have to wait for Sentai to put it out on home video. Unless you want to pay Amazon’s double pay wall to watch it as a simulcast.
Altair A Record Of Battles

Ok so this one looks like it would give me the action anime fix that’s set it somewhere that isn’t Japan. Its art style reminds me of Magi and the Heroic Legend of Arslan. It’s about an orphan prince in Turkey who travels around with his friends to make alliances with other countries to get some help before his homeland gets taken over by the threat of the Bahlrhein Empire. Too bad it’s on Amazon Anime Strike, but at least the manga is being sold digitally by Kodansha USA.
Princess Principal

Normally I don’t take interest in cute girl shows but this one has them as spies. Plus it looked like it could be a very action heavy show. Plus it has a Code Geass writer working on it so if it turns out to be bad at least it will be gloriously bad. Unfortunately this show is on Amazon Anime Strike but if I wait long enough Sentai will release it on home video.
Vatican Miracle Examiner

This show caught my interest because it was two guys investigating “miracles” together. The art style caught my interest too because it looks like it’s set in the era of time where religion was a popular thing to do. Unfortunately I can’t watch it because it’s on Amazon Anime Strike. I’m hoping Sentai puts out a decent home video release of it though.

The Shorts

Shorts are basically anime that aren’t the full 25 minutes in length. There aren’t as many Shorts this season that I keep up with actively but there are some good ones. Here are my favorites

Aho Girl

This show is about a girl who’s really stupid and she loves bananas, and a boy who hates her, hates animals, and fun. There’s also a perverted school club president with big boobs. They both fight over the boy a lot despite how he despises both of them. There’s also a probable incest sister. This show is really dumb in the best way. I recommend watching an episode to see if it’s for you.
Tsuredure Children

I’m not really into romance anime at all, but this one is amusing. It takes the whole awkwardness of middle school crushes and makes a comedy show out of it. My favorite couple is the deliquent and school club president. There’s other couples in this show that may make you laugh because of their conflicting personalities.
The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor

I haven’t watched Irresponsible Captain Tylor due to lack of interest and I don’t think it’s streaming anywhere. I heard it’s a good show though! Anyways this one has it’s own oddball charm. I like the blue robot the most. It only has 3 minute episodes so it’s an easy watch for me!
Pikotaro’s Lullaby

This one got my attention with it’s funny art style so I watched a couple episodes. I guess this one has to do with Japanese fairly tales and a guy named Pikotaro voices himself being inside the stories and also all the characters in the fairy tale stories. The style reminds me of those old late night adult swim cartoons. I don’t have any knowledge on any of the fairy tales that happened so far but the comedy made me laugh a little bit. I’ll keep watching it because it looks and sounds goofy.
Nora, Princess, And Stray Cat

This one I guess is about a boy named Nora who turns into a kitty cat because he made out with a witch girl. Now he has a harem of pretty girls trying to turn him back into a boy. This is an odd show but I’m down for it because the episodes are 3 minutes long.

Ikemen Sengoku Bromances Across Time

This is a CGI chibi samurai boy show, I think it’s based on a otome mobile game. Its episodes are only 3 minutes long and there’s some enjoyment I get from seeing samurai play tennis or do mix tapes. It’s a keeper for me.

The Ongoing Ones

These are the ones that are still continuing from the spring season into the summer season that are my favorites.

Rinne season 3

Somewhere this season Sentai let Hulu stream this show. I guess HiDive exclusivity isn’t working out for it. Anyways this show continues the episodic nature that previous Rinne seasons have had. Though it looks like it’s doing A part and B part episodes this time so it feels a little bit rushed. I hope they don’t catch up the manga and cancel it after this.
My Hero Academia season 2

This show got a second half I didn’t even know that until the first half ended. Anyways this show is still good and has gotten way better now that the sports festival arc is over and it’s back to fighting villains. My only real issue with it is how slow it is, but that’s mostly because I read the manga and the manga doesn’t feel as slow. The show itself is still good whether you watch it subbed or dubbed.

The Anime Shows

These shows are the regularly length anime that are airing this season. I have dug through the deep dirt pile to unearth these favorites. I find these to be enjoyable but they are not guaranteed winners.

Magical Circle Guru Guru

I think this is the only legitimately good one I can recommend to others. This appears to be a comedy anime about JRPGs like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. It’s very cute and funny. Everyone should watch this because it is cute and funny and good.
Fastest Finger First

This is a slice of life combined with a quiz show type anime. I never really saw a Jeopardy like tournament in an anime before so I’m really interested in seeing where it goes. It’s pretty boring outside of the quiz game stuff though.
Chronos Ruler

This show is one of  my favorites because there’s some fights, and there’s some pretty boys. They fight demons that spawn when people say they want to turn back time. I’m not sure if any real big plot will happen but it’s been a fun weekly watch.
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

So this is an anime based on a mobile game about swords who are transformed into boys that fight with swords. This is the more action packed edition compared to Hanamaru which was just them chilling out in a big Japanese house. The sword boys all fight zombies that are trying to change history. I’m into this show, but I know it will probably not be for everybody else.
Saiyuki Reload Blast

I like this show but I think this is the third or fourth season of the Saiyuki franchise. I didn’t even know it was a franchise until someone said “Why are you watching this one when you didn’t see the other ones?” and I guess I’m jumping into the game late. There’s 4 pretty boys who are on a big journey and they fight a lot of bad guys together. I have no idea where the plot is going but I like it. I’ll mark down the backlog as something to watch if I can find it anywhere.
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

This show is about a guy named who lied with his grandparents for a while in his middle school years and recently moved into his highschool dorms. Unfortunately it burned to the ground before he even gets there so he has to find a place to live and eat. He finds an apartment inhabited by a high schoolmate. Unfortunately this apartment is a yokai apartment. So now we have an anime about dealing with being a student on your own, and also living with Yokai. It’s a cute show, and also somehow got renewed for a second half that’ll continue in fall. I look forward to seeing more of it!
Clean Freak Aoyama-kun

This one is about a guy named Aoyama and he is a guy who loves keeping things clean. He also loves to play soccer and win at it. Aoyama doesn’t like to tackle or hit the ball with his head. He just uses his feet and wears gloves when he needs to hand the ball. There’s other good characters like that girl in the background with a spiky bat, and a guy who runs around with the lower half of his stomach exposed. This show is a great comedy anime for those who miss The Royal Tutor. I highly recommend it.


Convenience Store Boyfriends

I enjoy this show but even I find it boring at times. It involves highschool girls and highschool boys talking about who they like and some of them meet up at a convenience store and talk. I still enjoy it for the pretty boys on a shallow level but I really don’t think anyone should watch this.
The Reflection

This is an anime that’s also a co production with Stan Lee from Marvel! This is another superhero show that isn’t as great as My Hero Academia or One Punch Man in terms of animation quality. The story about people mysteriously getting super powers and becoming heroes or villains gets going after episode 1 and I’m starting to like it now. I just wish the animation didn’t look really flat like an American cartoon. I’m going to try this again through the dub and I’ll see which one I prefer to watch. I recommend checking this out if you have the time.
Rick And Morty

Ok I know what you’re going to say. I know. But it came out during this season so I am counting it as an anime! Even if it don’t have subtitles! This is the third season about the adventures of mad scientist Rick and weak boy Morty. Beth and Jerry get a divorce (finally) and the family has to adjust to Jerry not being around. It’s only 3 episodes in but I’m having a good time and recommend you all to watch it.


Well that’s it for my favorite summer 2017 anime with the subs. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to recommend me anything to watch from this season let me know in the comments below! Look forward to the favorites of summer 2017 English dubbed article.


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