Lupin III Recap 7

Hello people it's meowth900 here coming at you with another Lupin III part 4 Recap.

The episode begins with a woman named Elena going into a scary mansion all by herself. Then Lupin runs into the room. Then Zenigata runs into the room. He shows a letter in Italian. Then the opening starts up. Then Elena and Zenigata are in a car together. Plot discussion and Zenigata says Elena isn't safe from Lupin. Then they're in a helicopter and they go to the side of a mountain and find themselves into a big house.

Apparently it's the house Elena and her husband Roberto lives in before he died. Then we get Elena's backstory and she was used as a way to get money for her father. Then she gets robbed by some thugs and I swear I heard Hikaru and Kaoru talking. Then Zenigata is asked to make Elena some food. Zenigata accidentally cuts his finger with a big knife. Then Elena runs away and Zenigata chases her. Big snowy mountain. Then Zenigata fails at saving her and she falls to her death. But then it's actually her being picked up by Lupin in his helicopter, and then she's revealed to be Fujiko. The helicopter flies away and we get an ad break!

There was a cool Outlaw Star promo during the ad break.

After the ad break there's cops saying they got a phone call from the real Zenigata. And then on the mountain of snow Zenigata climbs on the helicopter saying he knew Elena was Fujiko this whole time.

Then After the helicopter meetup the guy from the start of the episode shows up in Elena's room with a gun, but then Zenigata shows up with a gun and a cop army. The guy tells Zenigata to drop his gun and then fires. It doesn't work out but then he gets arrested. Then Zenigata says he noticed Elena is wearing long sleeves and asks if the husband was fighting battles disguised as her. Then there's a flashback of Elena getting branded. Then Elena explains her backstory and how her father made her date other wealthy men so he could get money. Then she had a real lover, but then her husband found out about it. As revenge for this the husband told the newspaper reporters about a fortune that the wife knows about before he died. So all the newspapers reported about Elena knowing the fortune that exists. All the treasure hunters are after her. Zenigata comes up with a way to stop hunters from harassing Elena. Then it's revealed that he and Lupin fake a heist together so now nobody will bother Elena. Then after Zenigata leaves I guess there's a photo that opens a hidden bookshelf and there's actually a fortune. Then Lupin and Fujiko and Jigen show up and reveal they planned this whole thing all along. Then Zenigata jumps in out of nowhere again and points a gun at Lupin and Jigen pulls out a gun at Elena. Big face off! Then Lupin says he'll let Zenigata win this one. Elena asks why Zenigata save her, and Zenigata says it's because he saw her crying. Then Zenigata leaves the premises. Elena decides to become a politician with all of her money. The episode ends with Zenigata leaving through a dark alley.

You can watch Lupin III part 4 on Toonami every Saturday night at 1:30am. You can also watch the new episode the next day on Funimation. There will also be a home video release of this show from Discotek.

If you can't wait for Toonami you can also watch this show on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles.


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